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"We long to captivate our audience with suspense and mystery, always keeping them wondering..."

                                Phantomstone is: 

                                Andy Wade (Doc) - Guitars and Vocs

                                Kelly Tussey ( KellMan) - Guitars

                                Todd (El Spidero) Dack - Bass

                                Morgan (MadMan) Mayfield - Drums and vocs

Phantomstone is a diverse Metal band reigning from Colorado. Although we have only been a band since late 2019, we all have earned our veteran badge as being musicians in our scene and playing with other local bands from our home towns, since childhood.

We emerged from the depths of darkest times to unleash a much-forgotten sense of what being original means to us as a band. Individual expression from each and every musician in the band gets showcased and highlighted only to create our own style.

Our shows can be expected to be high energy and mysterious in some way, shape or form and of course, always heavy and groovy. 


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